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Understanding the nuances of electronic documentation and critically evaluating and implementing electronic systems is difficult for most clinicians.

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After a date and time was set, we met ‘Z’ on an unusually rainy night in the desert.

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Feeling seriously offended, Ms Fontaine decided to ignore Elect Club’s demands for her to set up a direct debit. I was planning to get out before I had to pay any more money.’She was offered another introduction, this time to an IT worker called Terry, who was in his 50s and from Pinner.

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In Chapter_6 we described how to create a custom reputation model by identifying the objects in you application, selecting appropriate inputs, and developing the processes you'll need to generate your reputations. In this chapter and the next, we'll discuss the many options for using reputation to improve the user experience of your site, enrich content quality, and provide incentives for your users to become better, more active participants.