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Denny Kwan, 24, who has starred in a number of music videos, is being punished by the Ministry of Culture in Cambodia.She failed to keep a promise to dress in a less sexy way when posting on social media.

I wrote it when we had our bags packed and were leaving. I just called him, 'Sexy Sadie,' instead of (sings) 'Maharishi what have you done, you made a fool...' I was just using the situation to write a song, rather calculatingly but also to express what I felt. You know, it seems that my partings are always not as nice as I'd like them to be." After returning from India, Lennon scratched the lyrics into a piece of wood, with the original title "Maharishi".

PHOTOS: See all the Pics From Paris Jackson & Michael Snoddy's Sexy Shoot The young couple was shot by Troy Jensen, and according to the photographer, Jackson and Snoddy couldn't keep their hands off each other.

"I set them in the shot, and she's wearing this red dress with this leather jacket.

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