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Well when it comes to online dating profiles for men, this saying is golden.

He assured her he had plenty of money, having inherited a "small fortune"."Are you well-hung? (He) says that as well."The senator then agreed to a breakfast date with Jamie.

" asked Senator Lambie."Hung like a donkey," Jamie answered. Mr Hodgman said he had not heard the interview, only reports of what Senator Lambie had said, but he said Tasmanians would determine for themselves whether or not they were "getting value for money out of a senator, a Tasmanian senator, who is making comments such as these"."I would expect Tasmanians will make their own judgment and I would expect it would be relatively harsh," he said.

Labor leader Bryan Green rejected the suggestion that the reaction against Senator Lambie's words was a storm in a teacup."No, I thought they were an absolute disgrace," he said."We work so hard to build a fantastic reputation for Tasmania and it can be undermined over a few silly words.

I can only imagine the public outrage if a male member of parliament, myself included obviously, had participated in a similar interview and referred to the opposite sex in such a way. "Anybody who listened to that interview would cringe.

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